So here are some of my basic beliefs, largely aligned with the Democratic Platform:
    First and foremost, where and how you end up in life should not be determined by how you are born into it. We should not have a caste system. We should not determine anything from whether someone is born to poor white trash or any other color or origin.

    Have you heard of inter-generational wealth? Basically it means that if you are born poor, that’s the way you stay. Many wealthy people think that they got there on their own merits. Sometimes that’s true. More often, they had a tremendous boost from their parents, a worthwhile computer, plenty of food to eat, a safe and stable place to sleep. My dad drove a truck, my mom worked in a mill. I was fortunate to be able to work my way through school and serve in the military. I am under no illusion that I would have gotten as far as I have if I had spent my youth living out of a car or in a homeless shelter.

    All about guns and the Second Amendment. I am a gun owner. I admire the machinery of them, I love to see a complex machine working properly; the same as I admire a fishing reel in all of its glory doing its business of casting and reeling in fish. I shoot skeet and kill any vermin I can around the farm. I think that the whole purpose of the Second Amendment was to provide for a means of the governed to overthrow an unjust government. When I was a teenager, this still applied. (a long time ago). Now I think that anyone who thinks they can outdo a police state with an AR15 is fooling themselves. Whatever the future holds for overthrowing any government, it will be done with computers. Good luck to you while you are sitting in your cabin with a gun and no access to your bank or your groceries if you think otherwise. Reagan was right 40 years ago, a gun was a great equalizer, not so much now.

    What you do in the bedroom is your business. It is definitely not the business of government.

    Schools should be the same for everyone. If you want to have a school that promulgates that the world is only 5000 years old, not our place to stop you. Definitely not our place to take taxpayer money from public schools to pay for it. Vouchers are evil. Whatever your moral basis, taking away from the common good to forward your personal view of reality is wrong.

    Pro life or pro choice? How about both? How about promoting programs and providing services to educate and protect people so they never get to the point where they have to make such an agonizing decision. Regardless, it is not the business of government to dictate women’s reproductive choices.

    Russia: During my time in the military, Russia was the enemy. The submarine I was on still had damage from an underwater collision with a Russian submarine. Point of pride, my boat made it back to port under its own power, theirs had to be towed back to Russia. Russia should have no place in our elections and definitely should not be invited to participate by one of the candidates.


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